Friday, 27 January 2012


I have just been assured by the famous still photographer, on Tinker Tailor, Jack English, that I am the only person in the town of Los Angeles, with real teeth.  He does not like to leave me for a second, and has walked fifteen times into my room, as he thinks that I am not safe.  "At least this new house has shutters and is secure" he has just claimed and walked out of my room again.  In fact it is like living in a safety deposit box, nobody can get in, and I can't get out.  He is very busy driving around his friends and my maids.   "Los Angeles is like living in a perpetual David Lynch movie", he says smoking a cigarette and looking downwards.
I had thought about cutting back and not having my hair and make up done everyday but I have been told that you need to 'up your game in this town', with a new address and a new life in the Hollywood Hills.  I am near enough to the Bird Streets, that I can visit my hipper friends,  and  whip down my hill to get my gels done at Nails by Design, in a swift no nonsense way.   My pals seem to prefer it, I can tell as I have had a stream of people nodding with approval, as they walk through the house.  Is it the street I am living in, the way I have done it, the easy access to Sunset or the glamorous men who live next door to me? I have no idea?.  I will just say that I happily took red roses to both the men  living on either side of me. one being the dishy Aaron Sorkin.  His teeth looked natural, of course a few weeks ago I hadn't a clue who he was.  I was told by my agents that that he was very famous.  I was unable to have a proper conversation with him and felt like Princess Diana when she looked at Prince Charles, as he said "Sorry I have not shaved" and I felt embarrassed. Quite frankly I was only too happy to see such an attractive man so early in the morning, and so glad that he did not nag me for the awful noise and mess that I had made, bashing the house about over Christmas.
Now there is only the outside to be done most of the inside is finished thank goodness by my very efficient, handsome builder, David Tamayo. He is one of the few people in this town who has kept to his word and done his work on time
My neons are up and the lovely Michael Flechtner who created the neons I made, came and hung them today.  I so love his cheery personality,  He created a stamp last year and made my show "Peccadilloes" that I was given by Jonathan Brown at Leadapron.

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