Friday, 16 December 2011

STARS, PREMIERES and the importance of being ernest

"There is no recession where beauty is concerned in Los Angeles" I was told tonight by Svetlana Feller, who swears "If you can't lose it, tan it" She owns the company Spray di Sole and arrives weekly with her tent which she created to turn women into the perfect brown creatures.  I have become addicted.  It is now five weeks since I had surgery with Dr Perlman who has given me a much prettier figure.  My son Jack cannot believe the difference from last year. He said that I look thirty five.. I do love him.  Flattery gets him everywhere..
The Brow Gal, Tanya Crooks is another person I can highly recommend. She arrives like a whirlwind everyday and we laugh together putting our lives right.  She is a clever girl and manages to make everywoman look the bomb they should be. To finish everything off, hair by the beautiful Angela Kalinowski guarantees true Hollywood contemporary glamour.
This week  I bought a new house thank goodness . It has wonderful views and I know I will be happy there.
I went to the Charlize Theron premiere, a story about a messy bitch who tries to find love with an ex who has just had a baby. She re-visits her past, and like all of us regrets it.  I totally understood her, and Charlize gave a brilliant performance.
I am pleased that the Globes have given hope to my favourite film The Artist.
Finally my play As I like it, is taking shape, Lisa Zane is becoming brilliant, and my hat is off to Elizabeth Karr who really manages to take a bunny out of a hat.
I also have donated a neon light to the charity Art of Elysium. It is truly worthwhile, helping children who have terminal illnesses live life to the full, through art.

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