Saturday, 10 December 2011

IN THE LAND OF BLOOD AND HONEY a film by Angelina Jolie

This film has truly moved me.  Of course I knew all about the atrocities of the Bosnian war, but it was the dates that disturbed.  Whilst I was comfortable with my children, bringing them up, a war was happening. Bosnia is beautiful, yet where is it? Who are the people that lived there? What is a Serb?. Of course I know all know the answers yet they are somehow removed.  Angelina's movie removed the plaster, and woke us all up.  I spent the whole night half watching the film through my fingers and grabbing my friends arm.  There were oscar winning performances everywhere.  Mrs Brad Pitt deserves huge applaud for this raw film.
Had another busy day, working on the play with Lisa Zane blindfolded, dramatic singing. There are moments of great excitement.
I am driving again a little thank goodness.  I can just about sit down after the operation. All was well worth it, my legs are looking so much better.
What is this thing in Los Angeles that my girlfriends don't want to wash with soap.  They hate the soaps here and they are all organic.  The problem is we are bit too far from Paris and London. Yesterday I solved the problem with a visit to Santa Maria Novella from Florence in Melrose Place. Thank goodness, it is alright to be an organic health freak but why not wash your hair every two days instead of once a week?

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