Tuesday, 27 December 2011


It is the day after Christmas and my gallstones are playing up. Terrible pains are shooting through my body and I must remember to keep liking green.  They feel worse than having a baby, although I truly cannot remember what that felt like.  However, I  remember pretending to a have my eldest son Charles, faking giving birth and suddenly I was.  I also cleaned my entire house over and over again in the last moments before he came into this world.  Now he is acting in my play in Los Angeles, playing the part of the Boy and I feel I never want to eat again.
It seems all so quick, there he was lying on my stomach and now he is on the stage playing Chopin.

Christmas was spent with Ayako and Michel Comte at their beautiful house in Beverly Hills with views over the city.  It is probably one of the most stunning mansions, traditional yet exciting. Ayako has enormous talent and creates stunning Kimonos amongst other things, made out of plastic and hand painted cloth. She also is a delicious cook and I ate far too much.  Michel is the world famous photographer who has captured many a celebrity with his camera.  Together with Kay Saatchi I ate the most yummy fondue.

It is a long way a way from watching Wim Wenders documentary called Pina. It still sticks in my brain. Pina Bausch and her brilliant dance troupe have been turned into a dream to honour her work.  The film matches her surreal talent. It is in 3D which adds to the films earth reality.

Elizabeth Karr is on her way  to perform in my play and Lisa Zane makes her debut doing Folk version of opera.  Dan Rucks has kindly offered to film the show, as my friend Joseph Pusateri has agreed to do the music.  It has been all go, filming, recording and now I need to go on a diet, I do not want to eat ever again.

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