Thursday, 29 December 2011


The play starts tonight with two nights of previews and the first night on Saturday.  All of us worked late last night to find its hidden depths.  It was emotional and inspirational. Lisa sang Casta Diva as she cried and Elizabeth spoke her words with deeper thought.  There is something about rehearsal that is exhausting and exposing.  We then went for a delicious dinner at La Boheme, a pretty restaurant with delicious food just around the corner from the restaurant.

The girls looked stunning in Trip Haenisch's set sitting on Mark Brazier Jones's chair against my neon that I made with Kay Saatchi.  Make up and hair  was done by Tonya Crooks and Gia Sinatra.  Their puff ball dresses looked adorable. Charles Eliasch, my son wore his favourite Alexander Macqueen coat of gold brocade.
Cross fingers and break a leg to all of the cast and crew.

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helen tilston said...

How exciting for you Amanda.

I will be keeping you in prayer. The stage looks incredible and I am confident you will all be at your very best
Helen Tilstonxx