Thursday, 1 December 2011


Some good things are happening. Last night I went to the Britannia Awards which honored Warren Beatty, Helena Bonham Carter, John Lasseter, Ben Siller and David Yates. I actually found the evening very interesting and am a huge fan of Helena's and Ben Siller's.  Harry Potter too.  A room with a View was an incredible film and I loved Alice in Wonderland, so anything said about Helena is correct.  I sat with the very wonderful Nigel Daly and Amanda Nevill.  Amanda and I had lots of fun getting ready on her very tight schedule.  I walked the red carpet which was fun and an insight to how things are done in this town.  Wearing my dress by Marc Jacobs got a lot of attention or was it the creation by Phillip Treacy?. I was treated like a film star and congratulated for my glamour.  How the world is changing.

I found a house that will make me happy forever. A number 11, I shall be pleased to see a new world. It has great views and is the right period.

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