Wednesday, 30 November 2011


It is now seventeen days since my surgery and do you know I think that Dr Perlman in Beverly Hills is a master?.  He has done a miracle. My knees are beginning to change shape and my tummy looks flatter than it has ever been, as for a waist?. I think I am starting to see one for the first time in my life.  He has gently changed my shape without losing my teddy bear character or making me look ridiculous.  As for the scars, I have so little that I shall be a fan of his forever.  Originally I went to him as I was being chatted up by men who were so good looking that I thought if I removed my clothes I would feel totally miserable.  Middle age creeps up on you so quickly, and although I feel only fifteen, the reality is that the figures are the other way round.  Also at least I do not look distorted.  I hate huge bosoms, ridiculous lips, I just wanted to remove skin from weight loss and as neatly as possible.
With good make up and hair you can look ravishing.  Do not know over do anything.  Too big breast implants make you look fat, and the lips make you look like a fool.  Keep everything to a realistic minimum and you can be a very happy Bunny. Keep the eyebrows thicker, thin ones age you drastically and make sure that if you like red lipstick that it does not go over your whole face. I love ruby woo by Mac.
It is the end of November here in Los Angeles, where I am living a sunny bright life, with no hint of winter.  My play, As I like it,  is starting and looks promising with so many talented people involved, Elizabeth Karr and Lisa Zane, Trip Haenisch, John Alan Simons and Ed Bennett Coles. I am sure that it will be a success at the Macha Theatre. Patty Freedman and Eileen Koch are doing a great job with publicity.  

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