Friday, 18 November 2011


Changes happen in one week, it is a miracle.
I have decided to paint my pink piano with a portrait of me lying on it as if I am an old time Hollywood movie star.  It will look perfect on the stage this Christmas at the Macha Theatre, Kings Road, Los Angeles for my play that I wrote called As I like it,  which was adapted for stage by Lyall Watson.
 The charming Trip Haenisch is to design the set. He was my neighbour in Eden Place.  There are so many talented interior designers that are fun to work with.  They have theatrical brains, and Trip is ideally intellectual for this play in so many ways, just as Nicky Haslam was in London.   It will include my skull that I bought from Phillips the auctioneers, and a neon sign I made with Kay Saatchi and  Michael Flechtner.  There are many opportunities in this talented city, Elizabeth Karr will play the Woman, Lisa Zane the opera singer and Charles Eliasch, my son will play again the boy.  Directed by the interesting JOHN ALAN SIMON's. Edward Bennett Coles is now Associate Producer.  He is busy making  a film and so will help with the production...
I am happy, I like a family to work with.  

Lisa Zane is in New York studying with Charles at Mannes, the music school, to become the opera singer. She looks as near to Callas as you can get and the lovely Elizabeth Karr is working to take over the role of The Actress. I can't wait to start real work all over again.. I shall miss Justine Glenton and Susan Parkes and the team at The Chelsea Theatre...

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