Saturday, 12 November 2011


I have decided to get rid of my old body. Fed up of old skin that looked twenty years older than my face. It was time to spruce it all up. Is it vanity to assume that people want to look at old wrinkled skin, or is it vanity to change this and have a lift or two.? I have never had a beautiful body, I was not a ten that walked out of the sea and everybody turned with open mouths. No I was a little round English girl with quite a pretty face.

For a few years I have tried to imagine what it would be like to have the perfect body.  I studied and found Mr Perlman in Beverly Hills.  The photographs he shows on his website look realistic and his video looks welcoming. So I booked myself in. It was  time to modernise everything. The men after me are becoming younger and younger so I need to feel good about myself. How could I whip my clothes off when I have had two children and had lost about 300 pounds of weight?.

I needed the confidence that a body lift would bring. Confidence in turn brings out happiness and love for other people. Well it does on me.  I love other people so like to be merry sunshine, instead of feeling jealousy towards other women. So off I went yesterday to Perlman's office in North Camden Drive.  In the same building as  Dr Raj Kanodia and Dr Alfred Cohen, both famous for their faces, I knew I would be in good hands.  I did not ask around as I knew what everybody would say.   In any case I had put on 7 pounds in the last four years and I was not interested in dieting and I felt like giving up.  This is not me so I have shaken myself into action.

Of course I have pain, of course I feel a little sick, but already I can see my knees look twenty years younger.  So I would rather look at that than the opposite.   Life is for living and not getting ready for the coffin just yet.  I am happy with the results and my tummy in one day looks 100 percent better. Thank you Dr Perlman.

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