Sunday, 13 November 2011


Is it vanity to do nothing about repairing your body and going natural, or is it vanity to assume that people want to look at old skin. Of course people love beauty but also they love to say "Oh god have you seen the state of her"  There is no way you can win, and so you might as well please yourself, and I am telling you if you have the money, repair it.  In  72 hours my body looks twenty times better than it did with the swelling and markings still present.  Dr Perlman in my opinion is a genius.  The improvement I would say makes the menopause so much easier to deal with. Who wants middle age spread and physical devastation?. Should I talk about this, yes. I am fed up with models and actresses having enormous amounts of surgery and not admitting to it. I am telling you they are very rarely if ever natural. Women need to know that there is an alternative and you have an option. Obviously it takes money and in this financial environment, it might be difficult.
In any case I would show off my my scars with pride, but I can hardly see them.  For years I hated my knees, I had lost 300 pounds and had to  put up with sagging skin. It was neither attractive to my boyfriends or myself.
For me this is a win win situation. I have done it for myself. I could say nothing, but if Hollywood advertises it, why should I not admit to it?.

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