Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Back in Los Angeles, I am again making life changes. Decided to do some body upkeep, had a total check up, which thank goodness was done in the same building, very efficiently. I await for the results.  I saw my heart was normal, bruised emotionally of course.

 I have made changes in the cast and director of my play too.  Artistic differences. My director now is the great John Simons and the actress is Elizabeth Karr. They are like family. If feels right. If there are problems they would bother to ring me up.  I like John's artistic brilliance and sense of humour. You feel they have the integrity and honesty needed for a partnership.

Last night I went to see the premiere of  the silent movie The Artist , which easily is the best film I have seen this year. Obviously I am a lover of black and white film, and the story line is romantic andwatchable, with brilliant performances all round.

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