Thursday, 27 October 2011


This season is prim with a dark sensuality underneath.....
Black laced boots from Alexander Mcqueen. White collars and lace, pretending to 
show yet showing nothing. Pucci, Dolce and Gabbana, long tight skirts from Marc 
Jacobs. This is who I am and what I like to see..a vampire crossed with a 
widow... A funeral gnome. Best look is from Madonna's new film WE, white 
collars, shirts buttoned up, and hair severely parted in the middle but still 
romantic. Let's'throw away the track suit and become totally well dressed and 
beautiful once again.

A is for a purse in silver by Alexander Mcqueen to hide my mobile 
B is for the operas by Bellini and for improving your brain, and sex appeal in 
snakeskin  Balenciaga sandels, and black blue satin nail Chanel
C is for everything I love, chanel jackets and fake jewellery, Clergerie boots 
for comfort and speed
D is for dangerous liasons with diamonds which will dig you out of trouble  by 
David Morris
E is for elitist vintage elegance
F is for Fendi and for their beautiful clothes and leather jackets 
G is for Gucci and use their monogrammed bags and this seasons  long colourful 
H is for Hermes a simple silver cuff and the romance of old scents like Caleche
I is for ink and writing perfect letters
J is for the perfect watch by Jaeger-leCoutre
K is for kissing with bright red lips by YSL
L is for capturing Love at the Louvre  use scent by Coco de Mer number one and 
wear Louis Vuitton's black shirt with white collars and high waisted shorts..and 
black eye liner by L'oreal.
M is for Madonna the Queen of Pop who has become a fashion plate.
N is for a book on Nietzche to expand the brain
O is for Charlotte Olympia's'piano shoes, and anything from her, I love her 
black spider beret's'
P is for a simple black dress by Prada, it lasts forever and always looks good.
Q is for Queenie  a tiny box wrapped, a tiny present, in delicious wrapping 
paper, a secret.
R is for Nina Ricci's strappy shoes that will take you into the night and a warm 
coat by Rick Owens.
S is for the customised lobster ring by Stephen Webster
T is for a pure white shirt by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy
U is for allure in the latest underwear by La Perla, little corsets with green 
satin trimming and net. 
V is for Vivienne Westwoods corset dresses in black to give me the perfect waist
W is a dream to turn my blonde curls in Wallis Simpson glamour and copy Andrea 
Risborough's look in WE.
X kisses for the cards you bother to write with a montblanc pen.. 
Y is for the most comfortable and sexy platforms in the world, by YSL...
And  for the YSL tuxedo black cape Jacket.
Z is for a long string of pearls by Zeta Graff with diamonds.
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