Thursday, 20 October 2011

A RHAPSODY in A. for .ALEXANDER DESPLAT.....................


My love of film and music took me to the ICA, in sunshine for The London Film Festival this morning to hear Alexandre Desplat speak. To adapt a famous quotation "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture" but then I am a fan.  Last night I was at the premiere of  George Clooney's  film, The Ides of March that Monsieur Desplat had written the music for so, it was only correct that I headed to the Mall on a glorious morning to listen to a genius.  Alexandre arrived from Paris in a hushed frenzy and left in a mysterious hurry. This created an image that for once worked.  Everybody was on the edge of their seats as the velvet tongued superstar composer and flautist revealed sparkly facets of his musical career.  His 120 films, teased the audience with morsels of things to come, and were discussed with informative passion and perfect pitch.  All with Parisian glamour and at the same time very Hollywood.  Alexandre has won everything from The Bear to the Globe, with films like The Queen, Harry Potter,The Kings Speech, Cherie, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Golden Compass, The Birth, The Ides of March, The Girl with Pearl Earring, and back again with charismatic magnetism that only the French men have. Having worked with Tom Hooper, Roman Polanski, Stephen Frears and so many other incredible film directors, this is a man who works.

I left with the very pregnant  make up artist to the world Emma O'byrne and ended up at the Wolsey for a girls lunch I had forgotten about but actually organised, and was literally turned upside down by a friend who I kissed hello. A far cry from D flat minor  and a major chord.

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