Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I awoke at 5am this morning in Paris, sun was shining through my curtains that I had forgotten to shut. Last night I had dinner with Lisa Zane at Cafe Flore in St Germain who has agreed to be the Opera singer in my play.  With Beth Broderick they  make a great team.  My son will be playing the piano and Edward Bennett Coles directing the play, Elizabeth Kerr and I shall produce it.  I will miss my friends in London and Justine Glenton.  I loved working with her and Susan Parkes. The play has gone back to the original version I wrote for my father, the rest were lies and had to come out.  When I was rehearsing I could see the problems of allowing my work to be modified.  I like truth, not lies.  I like an honest voice. My son Charles Eliasch will play the piano and sing too which will be great.
This afternoon I would like to run through the Louvre, like Bertolucci's The Dreamers or the 1964 version. It is my fantasy to just go for it, even if someone stops me.
I am also thinking of giving myself a sort of bomb shape.  A deadly sin, Vanity a supposed enemy?.  I look at things a little differently, I don't want to shock anybody in life with hanging flesh.  I like tidy and if it is not I shall tidy it up.

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