Friday, 21 October 2011


Television has become just a round of games shows obsessed with cooking and DIY, I certainly do not think it is good value to watch endless programmes of making bread. Last night I was staying in the Ritz hotel which was delightfully old fashioned.  Pretty plates, saucers and men wearing tales.  They were incredibly welcoming and even delivered my clothes back to my house.  However no matter how good the service was,  I was entirely let down my the awful television that I was subjected to.  Not really the Ritz's fault?, but why there were quite so many Arab channels I have no idea, certainly there was nothing for me to watch. Instead I have to rely on my friend  Nancy Dell'olio. She thank goodness, is causing a lot of controversy with feathers, glamour and her capricious Italian nature.  Her giggle  and self belief make her a viable box office success. Go girl go.  Press that button so we can continue the drama.

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