Sunday, 2 October 2011


How anybody can think Los Angeles is uncultured and full of pink plastic is ridiculous, they obviously  do not check anything out.  This week I have met so many excellent actresses, so many artists, collectors and idealists that perhaps it's critics have got the wrong place?.
Last night I went to the Art Platform in down town Los Angeles for their version of a younger Frieze.  It was full of vitality and if the art was not all brilliant who cares?  I saw colours and excitement everywhere I looked.  I bought a piece by Rachel Hovnanian whose work portrayed the vices of the female, their wishes and their sadness, all in white.
I saw Jonathan from Leadapron and my great friend Henry Duarte who was meant to come for lunch and totally forgot about it. He was wearing very tight black jeans he had designed and is a hardy eccentric on the Los Angeles scene.
There were lots of colourful pieces that were fun to interact with.
I gave a lunch today which was brilliantly presented by the talented Debbie Soloman.  Artists and musicians all turned up and luckily Charles, my son played Chopin and Debussy.
Michel and Ayako Comte came, Kay Saatchi and Zeta Graff, there was not a dull moment. Thank goodness for the stunning light and weather of Los Angeles.

I then had the luck to be invited by Odalys Nanin to her play at the  Macha Theatre, that she has written, directed and acted in.  Garbo's Cuban Lover gave me an insightful look into the fascinating lives and loves of Garbo, Marlene, Irving Thalberg, Salka Viertal and Mercedes de Acosta.  I was not aware that they had all lesbian affairs, or that their lives were connected. I never think about peoples sexuality so  I learnt a lot in the hour and a half which passed swiftly. It was a really fun end to a busy week.

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