Thursday, 13 October 2011


I thought that I was going to stay in bed all week and get over jet lag, rather than go to any parties at all. Curiosity killed the cat and I can't stay at home for long.  I rushed round the furniture and design exhibition in Berkeley Square which was incredible as usual and I fell in love with a three dimensional wall covering in pottery, then a chair in the shape of a hand in silver. Then there was Todd Merrill from New York who showed a piece by Katsuya Aoki, "The predictive dream".
I sat happily with Edward Horswell and his sculptures and realised I had known him for thirty years.  I had coup de foudre over a bronze by Edouard-Marcel Sandoz 1880-1971  Fennecs du Sahara 1926.  I have started to adore bronzes and collect them. TimeDavid Gill moves swiftly on and so to waste my time in bed seems a deliberate move to laziness when people likel, Louisa Guinness, Hamiltons, Gordon Watson are up, awake and all there. Gordon Watson had a black lamp with a red bulb vase heart which I would have borrowed from the bank for.  So many beautiful objects.
Afterwards had a delicious dinner with Rick and Michele Owens at Mr Kai's in South Audley Street, and sat with Oscar Humphries who if I was 22, I would fall madly in love with.  He really has everything, he is dapper, elegant, well mannered, charming and editor of Apollo, could a woman really want anything else?

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