Sunday, 30 October 2011

I have had an  interesting week with Maya Fiennes staying.  She took me to dinner a week ago at Cecconi's which is so full of trashy people, so ruining the delicious food.  They all looked like hookers, you know the type, short tight mini skirts, make up from the Lancome department in Harrods, a blow dry from their best friend.  It has become the girls night out with a few rich looking dudes paying for them.

Of course I was happy to go after all the food was good and I was with the only interesting company in the room as I eating with the most incredible man called Peter Medak.  A film director who had worked with my grandfather, Sidney Gilliat, in the late sixties when he came to England.  He is the famous film director who made classics like The Ruling Classes with Peter O'Toole playing God, Romeo is Bleeding, The Changeling.  A superb resume and he has enough charm thank goodness. Life is full of coincidences.

There are so many coincidences in life that I think the world is now very small.  I made a short film about them with Tomas Auksas in Venice.

One more week in London which sees my neon show open at the Doyle Devere Gallery.  The seven deadly sins will be up for several weeks.  So the work that Kay Saatchi and I did one Summer will be on full display. One piece also is going up that I did with Julia Laverne. So exciting.  Then to do the play, As I like it with Lisa Zane, Beth Broderick and Charles.  Jeanne Marine, Bob Geldof's wife will do the piece in Paris, of course I shall miss Justine Glenton who played it in London...equity and visas to America were a nightmare to obtain..

Selling my houses too, I don't know why, just that I like to keep moving, especially in Los Angeles.

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