Thursday, 13 October 2011


Frieze week and London is chaos, luckily my brain is the best 'tom tom' in the business so I get around quickly.  Too many parties and not enough time to spend at them because they were all squashed together for what, I do not know?    I  had many love stories yesterday and a fleeting one with cages at Max Wigram, but as I entered my house there was simply nowhere to put it.  I settled for a pretty painting of a rose by Mustafa Hulusi that Charles Saatchi suggested I buy as he sat with Martin Maloney in Scotts today.  There were so many VIP's at Frieze that were not buying anything, I have often wondered what is a VIP, because VIP's tend to have everything delivered and have private views.

The whole thing reminded me of Crufts, bright lights everywhere,  only the exhibitors were humans, instead of dogs.  All the women were well dressed in brown, on the mobiles, speaking twenty five languages.  I like to enter a room and see where the exits are.

Photographers and darlings were everywhere. My hat comes off to Matthew Slotover, as there are now roughly 170 galleries showing  artworks by some genuinely talented artists.  Of course the original ones hold my interest.  A Partrick Caulfied painting, at Waddington's, caught my eye and I a would genuinely have said yes to  any rich man who wanted to get married, to get it.  There is the hooker  in all of us, and art has the 'hit' factor.

I was relieved to rush home with a friend and get ready for the London Film Festival which is gaining so much popularity that there is an overflow of hangers on there too. You know the type, the ones who have to be everywhere but have nothing to give intellectually or financially.  The BFI need funds desperately for preserving Hitchcock's silent films, it will cost something like two million to save them.  So why were they letting in so many who would not dream of putting their hand in their pocket for anything?.

Dinner was at the St Martin's Hotel, Asia de Cuba and I was lucky to be sitting with Tessa Ross, Pablo Ganguli and Tomas Aukas, I felt at home having just spent five days with Pablo organising James Franco's exhibition in Venice..  I was entertaining a delicious man aged 23, the new Harvey Weinstein,  of course, as he was so young, people teased me like crazy. Truth is I am not into young men,  I like my own age, if only some were free, not so damaged, and liked woman of a certain age..
We went to the film with the lovely Stephen Frears and his friend Leo, totally charming as was the film 360, by the director Fernando Meirelles.  A mish mash of vaguely exciting stories, that rather irritatingly changed just as you got into them.  Then followed by the Saatchi gallery for a the party afterwards.
So after being propositioned a couple of times and not for just a painting, and a few too many hi's and bi's, I need to get rid of my Tamara de Lempicka flat to pay for a painting of a rose.

The best part of the day was a walk in the park followed by bumping into Jeanne Marine.

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