Saturday, 8 October 2011


This week saw the release of Amanda Knox.
The zero sized Amanda stood and defended herself against  the Italian justice system which had kept her in prison since her friend and flat mate Meredith Kercher was murdered on Halloween in 2007.  On little evidence Miss Knox was bundled  into prison.  Her family and friends stood by her . From tiny amounts of DNA on a kitchen knife,  the prosecution said this was the murder knife, although another knife was found on a drifter Rudy Hermann Guede.  I have always wondered how a woman could slash the throat of someone whom she shared a flat with?.  A young woman who had come to Perugia to study Italian, surely both girls  just wanted to have fun and had the bad judgement to allow a drifter into their lives?.
Amanda Knox was portrayed as an evil witch who was a sex fiend.  In reality this girl came from an ordinary family in America and worked hard. From some dodgy behaviour in the police station and buying underwear Amanda was seen through the world's media as a sex crazed girl.  Come on.. think?
What were the motives?  The parents of Meredith Kercher have their killer in jail.. Rudy is in prison. Yet there is still a question mark?.

Was a Amanda too pretty? Did the prosecution take a dislike to her outgoing nature? Did she lie? Was she hit in prison.  Probably yes to all these things and her boyfriend too was accused of a crazed sexual attack.   Hopefully now she is proved to be innocent she can get back to normal life.  Will she recover? Probably not and for the Kercher's they will never really know what happened to their daughter on the night of Halloween despite obvious evidence.

I kept a pet alive on facebook for Amanda's memory.  This story really upset me. This could so easily happen to anyone of our children.

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