Monday, 26 September 2011


New York has been in mist his week, half of my tower block has been hidden from the sun, when it is gloomy there it makes me want to hide away.  There was no chance of that, I arrived and went to see on the first night my son sing in the Trattoria Machievelli on 85th Street.  It was quite a night.  The Restaurant has delicious food but the singing was the thing that made it. Bellini, Mozart, Donizetti, Greig and Shubert sounded fabulous against the general chatter and noise of a restaurant.  Charles sang with Julio Hernandez accompanied by Thomas Osuga.  Kay Saatchi, Paul Raeside, Paul Schwartzman,  and Rushka Bergman among others all came and supported them, it was truly touching.
The next day in the rain I skipped through The Frick which was incredibly romantic, if only I had been with some delicious Frenchman, I should not complain about my companion who was delightful, but I sort of long for a moody soulful creature to show me the beauty of Valazquez

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