Friday, 2 September 2011


I am in Venice for the Film Festival.  It is incredibly frustrating getting around behind the scenes, collecting passes.  Venice is meant to be explored and if you attempt any form of paperwork your patience is definitely sharpened. Forget lots of glamour at the premieres nowadays people turn up looking as if they are going to the supermarket, which is a great shame.  Why go wearing everything suitable for hockey match?  Style should come back immediately.
 I went to see the premiere last night of Madonna's, thanks to Liberatum and Pablo Ganguli, I  was given fabulous seats six rows from Madonna, Valentino, Franca Sozzani and the entourage.
Madonna has sensuality, style and panache.  We all have had her in our lives for half a century she is a huge Hollywood star.
Her new film, W.E about Wallis Simpson and Edward V111, (who rocked the British Empire with their romance) lived with impeccable style. Madonna has shown us that she truly can do anything she wishes.   Let's be correct, it was beautifully presented, an interesting double tale of two women, who become ghosts to each other, Wallis Simpson and a normal girl from our time beautifully entwined. Written by both Madonna and my wonderful friend called Alek Keshishian,   I have nothing bad to say about this film, except perhaps the editing could be sharper.  We are obviously more interested in Wallis than the other character, and was the other character totally necessary?.  A secondary love story that was a trifle weak based around a girl who is obsessed by Wallis Simpson and Edward V111, their lives together and their possessions.
The costumes were so stunning that I only wish all fashion designers would listen to Arianne Phillips immediately.  I shall adopt all ideas except the hair, because to become a brunette overnight is a bit late in the day.
I have been wondering all day why whole chunks of their fascinating story was left out, what about the the talk that Wallis was half man and half woman, the talk that Wallis learnt sexual tricks in China, and what about their relationship with the Nazis?

I was once lucky enough to visit the Duke and Duchess of Windsor's house in Paris.  I went with some friends before it was emptied of furniture, with a girlfriend who was tiny.  We were naughty and got out some of the clothes, looked through the drawers saw things as they were left, they were a bit drab really. Of course the film has glamourised much of the truth but the Duchess  had enormous style.

My advice would be to edit twenty minutes out of it and the viewers will be happy.

Yesterday was busy I decided to make a film with Tomas Auksas. A short film about my arrival this time in Venice which was spooky,  We had a wonderful time once Tomas had stolen the camera.  There are plenty of ghosts in this city steeped in history and drama.  This I will show in my own life, once Tomas and my work finishes.

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