Wednesday, 17 August 2011


The house I modernised of Janet Leigh's which is for sale through Coldwell and Banker, she built it towards the end of her life and it has a fantastic view and tennis court.
What a week it has been first the Gogo's having their star commemorated on the Hollywood walk of fame outside the Betty Paige clothes shop and a another selling guns for fifteen dollars.
Then I went looking at houses with Coldwell and Banker and the lovelies Nancy and Mimi, who were incredibly efficient realties in Beverly Hills, and I have to say have worked very hard to keep me entertained.

Finding a beautiful theatre was challenging and being hypnotised an incredible experience by the famous mentalist/hypnotist Rick Collingwood. There are several things I wish to change about myself and one is buying more black shorts and red lipstick.  He is the real thing so don't get shocked when he asks you straight who everybody is in your life. As he looked into my soul he said weird things like "Who is the Head that looks strange around you?" How is your love story with ..... the man with long hair... God you have a lot of boyfriends? They seem pretty flim flam to me, naming exact details of each?  In October 2012 I shall he says meet the man of my dreams.. My ex husband  owns Head so he was not far off the mark. I met him through Michael Lustig who has opened a recording studio so that he can film famous interviews and put them directly on line. Such a clever idea.

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