Tuesday, 23 August 2011


If we feed our children with shitty culture they  in turn become shitty.  If we stop education and stop helping and teaching our children they will behave like lunatics .  We have fed our youngsters with a diet of violence, sex, second rate television and celebrity to the point of stupidity.  That is how we have taught them and that is how they are reacting to our so called care.
We should feel sorry for them and mostly ourselves.  We have caused this.  I spoke to a gorgeous boy of seven yesterday and there was  little that he understood except good and bad trainers.
Instead we should take children back to the ancients to study philosophy, music, books and make them trendy again.  Bring back the 1950's housewife, instead of 'ready made out of the tin look a likes' that sort of vaguely resemble food.  We are lazy and indolent, and in the well meaning welfare state we have managed to create monsters. As I  have repeatedly said, 'political correctness is the worst thing for democracy'.
The children of England did exactly what we taught them to, copying ridiculous war games, stealing, drinking and we should take responsibility.
Welfare should be for those that are unable to care for themselves in society, the old and crippled not a British loophole that can be misused. Shame on anyone who secretly rents out a flat and then has a council house/flat on top. Shame on anyone who receives the dole who is being paid under the table, and shame on anyone who has children to get family allowances.  This is another problem, if someone steals we all pay. We need to bring back religion in a good way and wake up our souls, me included.

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