Sunday, 28 August 2011


This was a ridiculous article written in the Guardian, Tracey is an incredible woman who wants the best for  England and therefore David Cameron has one of her pieces in his house.  This gives hope to every British girl that they can achieve anything and everything. That you don't need to live off welfare in a council house, but that if you have talent and drive you can achieve everything.  Tracey did not have backing initially she worked very hard to achieve recognition. If it takes a bed or tent, and it comes from the soul, then I take off my hat.  This is a woman that everybody should be aspiring to, she after all has a room at the Tate.
Tracey was reasonably well off as a child but her parents did break up and she was affected.  She likes friends and pretty things, as well as her tent.  She does her best for this country, she loves Margate and works tirelessly for Great Britain.  She is a wonder story, it's not about the use of bad language.
In any case I went to buy a birthday card and all they had was " Have a fucking good one" so she appears not to be the only one swearing.

You cannot compare her work with the laziness and craziness of others.  She is not Vicky Pollard.  If these youngsters put their energy into  learning,  creating rather than taking and destroying they may be a whole lot happier.

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