Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I am putting on a sensitive article about a very important subject.    Again about the Cenotaph.  This time it is about the normally charming Cambridge student, Charles Gilmour, who when fighting against University cuts in  tuition fees  was swept up with all the other protesting students and used as a political banner.  Of course I am sure that he realises now he was unwise to do it, but why 18 months?  Well, if we got the names of all who died in the wars and said them it would probably require 18 months to mention everyone who was lost defending our country.  
It is quite incredible however that the man with 16 knives who tried to kill me next to the Festival Hall, two years ago, is not even reprimanded. It is probably because of the trauma  of being charged, and the assumption that I will forget about it?
How has this man become the victim and me the antagonist?

The question we should ask ourselves is,  has this young man, Charlie Gilmour, been appraised on the deeds he did, and the insult to the nation which is understandable, or has he been charged and used as an example?.  Of course swinging on the flag at the Cenotaph is wrong, also being violent and disorderly, and sitting on HRH Prince Charles' car.  At time he apologised for his behaviour claiming he was caught up in the moment.   I thought the legal system though would be just and fair, but I didn't realise it  had become politically correct instead?

Really mistakes like this happen when education is not complete.  It is our fault as a nation, that this intelligent youth did not realise how many people he was going to misguidedly insult, he definitely did not realise the gravity and naivety of his actions.    Many thousands of young men were cut down in their prime.  The vital future bread winners of this country left families women and children to fend for themselves.  It is a monument for all our lads who fought for our country so that we can have peace in our time.

I suspect Charles knew what he was doing, but he didn't realise the magnitude of his mistake.   Perhaps they should have enrolled him into the armed services, but in any case this is the nations ignorance to assume that all children do not want to learn so there is no need to educate them.  This our neglect.and the education system as it is, does not do a complete job and we should not assume it does.  Is it our fault that he did not know, or is it our  responsibility to teach them?.  Since the authorities are about to stop teaching handwriting as well, don't expect anything from our youth but a neanderthal, burger obsessed world who can't work because they will miss daytime television and they can't go to the job club because it clashes with their evening x box sessions.  The stupid are taking over.  Computers cannot teach as well as a human being.

Clearly Charles knew but he did not understand.  This is the problem, the understanding.
Like the boy, yesterday from Eton, he should not be taking drugs, I am sure he knows that now.  Charlie is normally one of the most interesting boys I have ever met, a boy that makes you proud.  This is not kiss arse to the Gilmours, I know.  This is a sad realisation of what will be coming in the future if we do not act immediately.   Anyone who knows Charlie, knows better.  Drugs are the problem  and anything that is instant gratification, fast food, easy clothes, crap culture, the instant and the disposable, are making this into a  country that nobody wants to clear the rubbish from,  yes it was the once Great Britain.

I first met Charlie doing party tricks two years ago. With charisma he entertained us all.  Where will this all take him?.  The only thing he will learn in prison is how to corrupt, bugger and pillage.  I am at the moment receiving letters from a prisoner who is in a maximum security prison who describes the dreadful treatment inside.  Last week they were all given full rectal examinations to see if they were concealing drugs.  What can a student going through a system that is not complete, uncaring and slip shod really turn into, how are our children expected to survive? I am offering you my opinion and that is our educational system is not good enough.

Of course he must penalised for attacking a car whoever is in it, and if indeed he was not sentenced for his misconduct at the Cenotaph, perhaps he should be taken out of Her Majesty's pleasure and placed into Her Majesty's service?
I am personally signing the petition to get Charles Gilmour released to perform duties to help the old people who can teach him  first hand how the wars effected them, and knowing Charles as I do, I know he will do a good job in looking after them.

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