Friday, 26 August 2011


It's a nightmare doing anything in this country, have you noticed?  A myriad of paperwork, thickos answering the telephone, nobody  doing and saying what they are going to do? When you at last speak to a human being it sounds like the speaking clock. But I do love London even in the pouring rain.
My back room was apparently not done by the builders because it wasn't in the budget, although between everyone they were paid well over a million pounds.  It is quite unbelievable.  If people in this country don't become totally insane it is a miracle. Nobody takes responsibility, nobody  does a good job on time or does anything without considerable nagging or gallons of tea.
Did you know that Coca Cola and Tizer Soda cost The National Health Service billions, diabetes and obesity  cost fortunes and I think  should be charged much more VAT, and so should Macdonalds.  In fact anything that makes you fat. Eating large amounts of sugar is a disaster and gives you cancer by increasing the candida in your body.
On another note there is no shortage of anything around here except it seems cigarettes.
My friend doesn't buy any cigarettes because he has had a double heart bypass, and he just picks them round bus stops and then stuffs the contents into new wrappers, he does not think why they were on the floor in the first place.  What about health and safety?

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