Monday, 15 August 2011


I love Los Angeles, I walked into a theatre last Monday and wow they accepted my play.  In England it would have taken double the time, but here  everything is possible with the right attitude and a big smile. That is why I like it.  The same thing with Leadapron Gallery, Jonathan Brown immediately said yes to my neons. It takes ages to make a reputation and of course there are people not as enthusiastic, but who cares, jealousy is ugly and unkindness unacceptable.

I am working on my set  for As I Like it and am excited to see new ideas being used.  I have a brilliant young director called Edward Bennett-Coles who is as dishy as he is clever.  It is wonderful to look at good looks and listen to enthusiasm.  I think sunshine makes everything seem easy it is worth taking the opportunity to show it here, voted the best and worst plays, it offers something for everybody. Justine Glenton will be playing the woman still, The Opera Singer by Susan Parkes and The Boy by Charles Eliasch. The play starts on the 29th December - 15th January.

With my neon signs being shown in London too in November I will have a busy Autumn.

Driving around today in my Mustang I had lunch with Michael Lustig who has opened the most incredible site showing videos around the the world.  It has been a brilliant dream for ages.

Then I stayed with Kay Saatchi whose new house in Beverly Hills is so comfortable that I could have left mine immediately.  I love staying with her.  Her cooking is famous and now I shall have to suffer dieting for more than a week or two.

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