Tuesday, 9 August 2011

If you do it again, I will smack you very hard.

If you do it again I will smack you very hard.
What is wrong with this?
I suggest we should start training our children again.
A good old fashioned smacked bottom at the right age
stops a child behaving like this ...
Miss Selfridges in on fire in Manchester.  Every parent
of these thugs is at fault.  All we have bred in the last 20 years
are feral, government funded street rats.  They are setting fire to buildings for
amusement purposes only to teach the rich a lesson...
There is a lot of unemployment right up until old age. Disabled people, war
wounded, what about their distress and boredom.
Can you imagine employing these retards?
If they want to fight go and help in Iraq with soldiers and pray to go
god they are not sent home in a body bag?
They have made England in four days a no go ghetto blasting hell.
There is no point in giving books with writing in, so lets hope they
can colour in.

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