Monday, 29 August 2011


It was my lovely friend Nancy's birthday this week end in Puglia.  I love her, she speaks English as if it were Italian and cleverly charms her way through life in London, making every man fall in love with her. She is a good pal and always leaves lovely messages to keep me happy.  I sadly could not make her party as I was ill with jetlag, well I think it's jetlag.  I was downstairs eating cheese and digestive biscuits all week at 3am, starving, then jumping on the scales at 11am in horror.  I feel guilty I did not make it, because I truthfully love everything about Nancy.  Her hair, her good nature, her makeup, her glamour out of  1980's  magazines. She looked perfect in blue it seems down to the glittering bikini shimmering under it.  Good for her and may all her dreams come true.  Happy birthday lovely friend.

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