Monday, 8 August 2011


While studying for my 'O'levels in 1975, I briefly had a brilliant history teacher who taught modern history including the causes of the 2nd World War.  One day she came in and successfully asked us all what we would do if there was rioting in the streets, anarchy, houses set alight, cars and buses turned over?.  We of course said we should call in the police and army and put the offending  people in prison.  She later said it was a trick to successfully turn as  into fascists.  Judging by todays problems in London and the comments I am hearing this soon will happen there too.
The police and the army will take control and the offenders will be put into jail. However the consequences of this is that we will be scrutinised even more.  Through twitter and facebook these hooligans were able to get together and turn London into a war zone while our Prime Minister took his holiday.
I have been worried four weeks ago as I felt something was dodgy, and I started to nag my builder to board up my house I still feel this way. If I were you I would fill your fridges, keep cash under the bed and hide away for the Winter in some far away place, in may be a tent.  Everything will fall apart and I am personally going to meditate and transport myself to a happier place, or I could go and have lessons on how to use a gun?

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