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What does a woman do when she is digitally attacked? Are there any legal avenues to protect yourself?. How can you remove the nuisance part of somebody without making situation any more volatile?.
Yesterday a girlfriend tried to protect me posting comments when somebody was horrible via Wordpress. com.   Luckily she sent me her exact wording from her screen showing her comment was waiting moderation. Once it had been moderated it bore no resemblance to the original.  This is illegal, but what is a girl to do when this lonely idiot is lying in his house in Malibu and would probably rather try on my dresses?.  Apparently I wear too much makeup, apparently I am now sixty years old, apparently the Chelsea Theatre holds twenty people, and apparently people are applying their ruby lips to parts of my body as if they are smoking a cigar, and apparently I paid for my own exhibition at Leadapron, where my neons were available on the Seven Deadly Sins?

If only it was that. Again this fool has afforded me more internet kudos.  Number one I like accuracy, I was born on the 13th May 1960 so that makes me 51. I don't know why he considers my age interesting as I am the wrong gender for him?.  The Chelsea Theatre has a capacity of 125 people and was full every day.  That is not the only facet that might make me famous?.  Also if you are going to attack another human in a public manner make sure that the attack goes to the right person, there are two Lyall Watsons. I won't have a word said against this man who I have known for thirty years.  He is incredible in many ways.   As for makeup, I love makeup, Hollywood was made on making women perfect. Thank goodness for Westmores, Max Factor, Lanvin and Smashbox.  So all I can assume is that this man, who has been in prison in England for forging his identity to avoid his true miserable existence.  However Whitstable does not sound too bad to me? and he is now wanted by the police for an assault on minors in England which he did not have the guts to attend?.  Shall I tell you his name? Should I reveal his identity, I will give you clues, he lives in a cave he says, and he was a  programme about addiction, but really I don't give a damn.  Funny thing is I welcomed him into my house and one Christmas had him to stay. Actually I quite liked him, don't you find it sad when you like somebody, and they behave like this to you?

Physical problems are visable, but mental problems tend to be very well hidden, until they lose their temper. What a shame that this entertaining, amusing man with caustic wit has to be so  self destructive.. All this in an article called "Hell is other people" and all for a fight with his aloof best friend.  Personally I believe this interesting "case" should have been a priority for shrinks long ago.
When I look back at all my NLP notes and my studies of  gestalt therapy, healing with music and the arts, this human being seems to be suffering from self sabotage.  He may come towards fabulous success only to destroy it because he has never developed past that part.  He tries to drag us all back down the hill with him, he understands failure but struggles with success, with no relief.

So here goes if you can't be bothered to look it up

This is the original

"Hell is: Other People

18 Jul

"I see that my nemesis Amanda Eliasch and her truly talented friend Lyall Watson (whoring himself out to artifice) have written and performed in a ‘play’ called As I Like It.
Apparently it is rather ‘whiney’.  Apparently her son serves her during the performance as a weird incestuous acolyte.  Apparently there is an opera singer with huge talent who barely gets to sing.  Apparently she refers to ‘hairy legged lesbians’.  As we know at her core she is a homophobe.
Apparently this ‘play’ is crap.
It really isn’t any wonder, Amanda can scarcely string a sentence together.   It’s worth quoting the programme notes:
This is a play what I wrote for my Father several years ago which he asked me to do after he had died. I turned it into a play with the help of Lyall Watson who had taught me at RADA in 1989. There are only a few plays for women and I wanted to contribute and increase the material available. It is a modern restoration comedy.
Yes.  You are going to do wonders for women with this pile of  tripe.  Wonders.
I once played Mr Puff at The Edinburgh Festival in Sheridan’s The Critic.   Have you seen that play?  A comedy of manners.  A real one.
Like Mrs Eliasch Mr Puff, the author of a terrible play, invites critics Sneer and Dangle to a dress rehearsal.
Puff explains to Sneer that he is ‘‘a Professor of the Art of Puffing’’: an author who has taught newspaper men and advertisers how to inflate their diction so they may ‘‘enlay their phraseology with variegated chips of exotic metaphor’’ and ‘‘crowd their advertisements with panegyrical superlatives.’’
Break a leg Amanda. "

JULIA's, a friend of mine, whose comment was altered by this man. Is it an offence to alter another persons  written word?

Julia July 20, 2011 at 12:15 #
What a pity that with your caustic wit and eagle eye you could only review Amanda’s recent play by hearsay, you use the word Apparently many times. Should you have seen the play at least your comments would have been your own opinion instead of rehashed gossip, unfortunately you already know that England is not a good place to be right now and decided to extradite yourself to calmer shores.
If indeed you had been here you would be dealing with the very serious matter of gross assault on a number of young people but you neglected to attend the hearing. APPARENTLY you were awarded a negative result that will await your return.
You do not mention the lovely Justine Glenton, the actress playing leading lady and not Amanda as you indicate, Her son portrayed many roles within the play as well as playing the piano,
they played to capacity every night so something must have been right, Lyall Watson is an acting guru and wonderful writer so of course he is all about artifice, its called show business and i would love to know which meaning of the word nemesis you use since divine retribution or an enemy you cant overcome sounds like flattery and i feel sure that’s not your intention. maybe you are just an old hetrophobe, Julia
ps having read and re read the programme i cannot find any grammatical errors, maybe the person reading it to you needs to mumble a bit louder.
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I think Amanda is a treacherous hag. Thank God she has money…she would be so lonely without it. I heard that your ex boyfriend Jake Bauman lost his iPod and you defended him from a bunch of teenagers who refused to leave the house. It is a pity that this happened.


duncanroy said on Hell is: Other People

July 21, 2011 at 08:31
In response to duncanroy on July 18, 2011 at 10:23:
Forgive me for rambling…. Rather lovely day yesterday. Had lunch with Daniel Darling and his adorable girlfriend (?) in Cross Creek. We were joined by Toby Mott and his friend Elizabeth.  Daniel went surfing and we drove to Malibou Lake where we sailed and then had a wonderful dinner at The Old Place on Mulholland. [...]
Julia! Amanda is not that bad. Just misunderstood. She was the Wendy Deng of her generation. Feisty. It was a terrible pity that my ex Jake Bauman lost his ipod during a drunken blackout causing me to try and defend him then the house from a bunch of drug taking teenagers that my friend asked me to remove from the house because so much stuff had gone missing. It’s a pity that I am the one left clearing up the mess. Thank God I have a restraining order/order of protection against him. Amanda must have some talent. Somewhere?
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If he wants me to carry on.. well that will be between me and my legal advisors.

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