Monday, 25 July 2011


Saturday night at the Chelsea Arts club was fun with the artist Sasha Newley, Joan Collin's son. Dishy and now free he had us all laughing. I bought a painting from him last year.  The beating of St Anthony.  It has elves coming out of trees all up to no good.  Semi erotic semi horrific, it always gets a comment, from anybody who see it.  Sasha has the sort of wit I like to hang out with.  Carolyn Quartermaine was also with us and the architect Ken Armstrong.  Carolyn I have long admired.  I used to collect her fabric by the yard covering anything I could with her delicious creations.
Yesterday I went to the Cartier Polo in a beautiful marquis, white with red rope, so chic. stunning flowers. I am a person who usually likes to go for one house and leave but this time I braved the whole day and had the best time.   The flowers by John Carters stole the show. White and green lavishly covered the whole table. I took my new friend Ken, and sat with Melissa Knatchbull and her pretty daughter Kelly, she has just finished her script.  Poppy and Chloe Delevigne were there looking pretty, I was laughing with Richard Dennen who was sporting a mallen streak and Cristal Brinkley who gives us all hope to look stunning.  She at nearly sixty proves that with work and a positive attitude all needn't fall apart.

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