Monday, 18 July 2011


What is a girl meant to do if they are on their own on holiday.?  You can feel like a total loser when you hear people laughing outside and  you are stuck to your bedroom.   The truth is I am doing an experiment to see what it is like if I am on my own, on holiday.  The experiment is not for me.  I went downstairs, braving the unknown with my lipstick and a pretty dress at La Residencia Hotel in Mallorca. I sat on the terrace.   I ordered a drink and some ham and bread. Everybody was looking at me, one wife started putting on her lipstick. Another was whispering whilst pointedly looking at me, and another covered her face. I knew I could cope provided I talked to a friend on the telephone. The loneliness would disappear. Indeed it did feel better. I quietly spoke while others were laughing and smiling, careful not to offend.  Then some waiter came out and told me to stop talking, yet others were talking loudly around me.  Of course this is Spain and they like single women to disappear quite obviously.
Well I shall. As soon as the owl has gone to bed, I shall awake and put my best foot forward.  I have nothing to be ashamed of.  I have simply nothing to do this Summer.  Having entertained most of London at some point or other, I still did not get an invitation that was cosy enough to feel okay on my own.  So I thought I would quietly experiment. Tomorrow I am leaving for  the comfort of my house, because there is no way I am being bullied here..
Oh I suppose you want to know what the hotel was like, well it is Mallorca, and full of middle aged couples that were not particularly attractive. Good food and shabby decoration.  Expensive of course, but then it is July.  As for buying a property here, I shall forget it,  It feels too unwelcoming for me and too rustic loaf.
Sweden on the other hand was beautiful and full of attractive people.

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