Friday, 8 July 2011

HARRY POTTER PREMIERE and I was touched by the fans.

Harry Potter cannot end surely?  
Isn't this the beginning of a religion, people lying on the ground under metal fences in order to get a glimpse of the foot of Harry?  Can anybody stay sane under these circumstances? I am not sure.  Outside on the street it seemed to me that Harry Potter was the Macdonald's to Fine dining.  Yet this is not true either.  Nobody can deny that HP has taste.  It is tastefully shot, beautifully cast, great panache, music and story.  I cannot argue with 20,000 or more souls lying on the floor of Trafalgar Square and beyond who are just happy getting a bit of HP Magic.  That is what it is.  The team of this whole adventure have done magic on themselves and look what it has achieved.  A friend asked how I got a ticket.  I answered I just knew I would.  It is the power of positive thought. I think enough will be said about the film, the effects the drama.  I am more interested outside.  The barriers, the young teenagers dying for autographs, the bodyguards, the superstars, the police, the heat, the lying on the floor to get the feel of stardom. It was organised madness.  Good luck to you all.  I have to be honest that once inside all I could think of was the children outside.  So I went out and gave my ticket to a girl in a floral dress who could get in.  These fans touched me. I rushed to see my son in his play, just to check that all went well at The Chelsea Theatre.  
It did, although I wanted to chuck four plates and fight.  All went well.  I rushed to the after party taking with me who I could. I walked in with three tall good looking boys calling them my sons. Nobody could turn down such stunning looks. The party was incredible too.  Hog with buns, sweet stalls, chocolate whirling, drinks galore.  All sizzled.  

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