Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I think I was meant to go into a hole when I got divorced. You know ignored by my friends and put into a box and locked up.  Well it did not happen.  I have been lucky, my friends don't seem to mind me being me. I wrote my play as I said ten years ago.  It is an old story.  It however still moves me.  Justine is often able to make me cry when revealing some secrets. I am a romantic, I am also a perfectionist and a control freak.
The first night of the play has finished.  The good thing about the theatre is that you can't predict what is going to happen.  It can change every night.

Problems last night lay in one person in the audience, who forgot to turn off their telephone. She was above my law and rather defiant.  More fool her.

The audience was a sea of anonymous faces I did not know, and among them the jewels in the crown were the iconic men David Tang and my all time favourite writer Quentin Letts. Heaven knows what he made of the first night nerves of my leading lady.
We then went to The Worlds End pub for delicious Fish and Chips.

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