Sunday, 10 July 2011


What a weird world we live in, Deutsche Bank sacks three hundred British workers, then takes 300 clients out and spends more than a million on entertaining them. It is sheer madness. I always refuse parties backed by banks because of that kind of behaviour. And incidentally, Frieze is backed by Deutsche Bank.
Meanwhile, I have spent the whole week in the Chelsea Theatre, on a council estate in the heart of Chelsea where you can tell there is a huge amount of poverty. This hidden theatre is not used to its full capacity. It is a beautiful space, and the night staff have been very helpful. Jacob and Macqueen deserve gold stars. Macqueen has one of the best speaking voices in England. Cheryl Cole needs to learn from him. Perhaps Deutsche could splash out there, so perhaps all the unemployed people on the estate have something to watch.
I have been completely locked up in my play. It truly affects me.  I sit there and laugh at some memories and at others I cover my  ears in horror. I have been asked afterwards if I am all right. Of course I am, darlings. I wrote the play ten years ago. I can not find the depths of sorrow that my actress Justine is able to. I am harder.
At the theatre last night, I saw my great friend Paul Kember.  He wrote Not Quite Jerusalem.  I am determined to do something with him one of these days....
My play runs until Thursday and tickets are still available on line at The Chelsea Theatre.

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