Sunday, 3 July 2011


I walked into the theatre yesterday, and it felt totally luxurious. Hidden away in the heart of Chelsea by tall unforgiving buildings lies Nicky Haslam's stunning design for my play.  It is magical and as you enter this hidden treasure you can escape the traffic and noise of real life.  I am so touched by the effort he made for me.  When you put on a play you know who your friends are.  I love this medium more than anything else.  It is where I trained.  It is live, and you can tell the truth from the lies immediately.
There are so many aspects of theatre that I adore, the lighting, the music, the set, the costumes, the smell, everything in fact.  I have made many good friends, the team is excellent. The lighting moody and romantic gives another layer to this already moving play.
Justine's performance yesterday was remarkable, if filmed, she would have won an Oscar.  She was so real that the words were hers,  I forgot completely that they were once mine, Lyall's beautiful adaptation of the original letter to my Father worked smoothly, Lyall is the master.  Believable, with depth, Justine took me to a place I had long forgotten.  It is funny how time is fast and yesterday becomes a very long time ago.

I feel in another world but could not wait to see my friends photographs of Kate Moss's wedding.  She looked so pretty in the cream dress, happy.  I love weddings, the dresses the friends, the joyful tidings.

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