Friday, 1 July 2011


Yesterday when I saw the set start coming together I cried, Nicky Haslam and his wonderful team have done the most incredible job.  They have created a fantasy version of my bedroom for my actress. It is completely over the top and totally glamorous.  I want the bedroom now.
I then met my Aunt and Uncle who checked the play. Of course they didn't like it all, but quite reasonably  said "If you are going to tell the story tell it all"  It is of course difficult, sometimes a play just takes over, this one has just done that.  There are bits I would like to leave out, there are bits I love and there are bits that I would change.  At the last minute I need to stay calm.  It has been quite a journey.  I love the result and Justine Glenton has been easy to work with.  It is now down to the boring bits, like whether to paint the floor one colour or another, or what are the copyright laws?  Is the theatre going to serve drinks?  
Mark Hix offered to do a dinner for me on Tuesday at my house so of course I am excited. I love Tom Aikens but sadly he could only take 40 people.  These two cooks are totally brilliant, so I am a lucky girl.
Lyall and I are speaking on the Radio tomorrow, so hopefully we will be witty and interesting.

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