Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Piet Odulf, a famous  Dutch architect has created an intriguing black box for the Serpentine Summer party this year.  With rain pouring down the glamorous and beautiful crowded under black umbrellas not caring whether there was rain or not.  It was beautiful.  Surrounded by mirrors and hiding an internal garden it was simply exotic. Nobody complained about the weather, it was  fun to see each other.  Although I was there for literally seconds I bumped into Nicholas Haslam looking delicious in cream, Julia Peyton Jones, the brilliance running the whole show, David Collins, Sophie Montgomery, Poppy Delevigne looking stunning as usual.  It was going to be a groovy evening despite the bursting clouds.
I had to leave to support my friend Kay Saatchi whose art was up at auction at Christies. By the time we arrived  the Ron Mueck the baby was sold for a whopping 700,000 pounds, so she did not need my help at all.    I rushed round to the Wolsey to give my pal a kiss. She won't be worried about using all the Q tips up. It was a good sale.
We ate in good company, the world was there Anna Wintour shone like the star she is on the next door table.  I wanted to go up and offer her all the Head tennis rackets she wanted.  Everybody knows she adores the game. In any case Charlie was stopped by  Jennifer Saunders who told him he was the best dressed man she had ever seen.  What a proud mother I was.

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