Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Yesterday I was rushed off my feet, I have forgotten how time consuming the Theatre world is. I had forgotten how much time you have to give to everything. From the press to the make up, from the serious to the facile. It needs time, so I nearly had a nervous breakdown at the thought of giving one more interview. I simply felt sick of exposing myself. Yet it has to be done. To sell tickets you have to sell your soul. By the evening, and after a little afternoon sleep I was feeling better. Having done a terrible interview I went round to Selfridges for Tracey Emin's opening of wonderful trinkets, books, artwork, prints. I bumped into friends which was good. Anita Zabludowicz, Anastasia and Stephen Webster, and the physic Sisters. One of these brilliant women I had met
with Belinda Carlisle. Anyway she remembered me but could not remember where she had met me. She told me the whole of my life in such accuracy and I had certainly told nobody anything like that. It was a great reading. I then had a delicious dinner at Oliveto on Elizabeth Street, I should not have as I am doing the Cleanse again. I just cannot be on it all of the time. On arriving home I was happy to have both boys playing on my bed. We watched Tim Willis. Editor of High50.com, speak on Sky. Pleased for his success I fell into deep sleep.

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