Thursday, 2 June 2011


I hate to be so aggressive but have you checked your telephone bill recently when you roam?. I am horrified each month to receive two thousand pound bills.  I have eradicated my friends, chopped them in half, and speak for no longer than 3 minutes and still the horrendous bills come through.  I would not mind if the emails were billet doux from some luscious lover, but they are usually spam from Viagra salesmen, or  women offering services.  I am tired of the endless costs from Vodaphone my provider. Two thousand pounds a month requires capital of a about one million pounds, so you could say why are my telephone bills so high, and that I am lucky to go abroad?  This is all true, but the costs are totally out of proportion to the amount of usage.


Vinnes said...

OK, look, I talk a lot and roaming a lot and spend no more than 300 euro per month. How? First of all - do not receive spam mail (and on roaming) for gods sake, and on the top of it you use notorious AOL mail! For example I have own customized email with absolutely zero spam. (don't use your main email for sign-up) Second thing, when I'm in the UK I use UK number, when I'm in non-EU country or intercontinental something I use Skype mobile, and it is peanuts. like $1 for 10 minutes via Skype call to landline or mobile (roaming doesn't play any role here). And people; you don't need to use BB RIM service for every thing. Sometimes it is just good to be better informed.

Jane said...

My husband got a bill of $3,000 (AUD) for roaming charges when we were last in London - just for a bit of internet access through his IPhone over a week or so. It is a scandal, and here they are trying to take steps to make the telecomms providers properly disclose the actual cost. Unbelievable, because it cannot be the actual cost to the provider -there is a lot of profit in that! xo