Thursday, 9 June 2011


I had forgotten how time consuming a play is. Not because I am sitting in rehearsal all of the time but I am working behind the scenes to make sure I pull this thing off.  Yesterday I was interviewed by a newspaper who asked lots of questions that were very intelligent.  I wrote this play on my own originally, but without the brilliance of Lyall Watson turning it into a play, there might be nothing. Of course, as a partnership, there are things within it that have to be worked on.  It is difficult to do a monologue and make it interesting.  I liked the idea because there are so few plays available for women over a certain age. This one is written for an attractive, clever woman whose life is better off the stage.  I hope I have accomplished this. With music and other actors helping the actress, some of it is certainly compelling.  Everybody is getting on and the standard is  high. Justine Glenton works like a trojan.  I am exhausted and its only the second week. My role seems to be to do the press.  Nobody else wants to do it.  Without press we won't sell tickets.  So I will do the best job possible.

I had to rush for a lunch,  my friends today, at Egg in Kinnerton Street, were giving  a birthday party.  It looked seriously pretty in an old fashioned dairy, with  white smocks hanging on the wall and country flowers in jugs.  Totally gorgeous.  All green and white.  I am getting to love nature more and more. My friend Jane Schulak had done a brilliant job of creating a country atmosphere for our friend Fizzy Barclay.  It was a beautiful party. Jane was dressed in Aliai with a Prada hat covered with coral.  She looked gorgeous. I stayed longer than I thought I would.  How could I resist?  There was the most adorable elephant waiting for us in the shape of a birthday cake, in fact four beautiful elephants. It was certainly stylish.

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