Saturday, 25 June 2011


Lisa Borgnes and Julie Anne Rhodes
Contrary to Gore Vidal, who said "Whenever a friend of mine succeeds, something in me dies" I love my friends achieving things especially when they are older. I am all for the forty plusses finding a second wind, creating and sharing their ideas. Julie Anne Rhodes ex wife of Nick Rhodes, of Duran Duran, is one of the brave women who decided to work in a new world, she has produced a cook book. There are hundreds of books of this nature but she has created from the world she knew. As one of the kindest and most welcoming women in Los Angeles, full of charm and beauty. she gave me a lunch. Her food was truly delicious and the recipes work. I went to Winkfield Place many years ago to learn this art, but was never really good at it, which is why I have a desire to learn with the best. Tom Aikens knows this, even though he does not believe me, I like simple cooking, with yummy consequences. With "Party Accomplished", an e book this is the practical way to go. No more soggy pages as you try to read, with ingredients all over it. This book is available on line. Last night I went to another successful woman's opening, Kay Saatchi's dinner at Christies. Kay has now moved to Los Angeles too and no longer has room for many of her prized possessions. She is ready for a new life, so her valuable and extraordinary collection is available at auction from Tuesday. I love the baby by Ron Mueck, I remember it well on her piano. The good thing about flowering when you are over 50 is you have wisdom as well as beauty. Youth is fabulous but for me older is better.

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