Sunday, 26 June 2011


Vanna White an American television personality wrote "Any press is good press" I am personally not so sure.  Yesterday morning I definitely did not think so.

I am doing this play despite the ridicule of this piece, it is a play I believe in.  I have had good press and bad press.  I generally like press about my houses as I think it safer.

The power of The Mail with a salacious title  is that the piece  makes me want to hide under a pillow. t has gone round the world, on people's blogs, news etc.  It is very old news,  actually ten years old, so it is funny that it's readers were even interested.?  I am certainly not.  It was a very painful time for me and I am just getting over it.  I was wondering why I ever lived this lie?

I am producing the play at the Chelsea Theatre in London and I have just done a neon show at Leadapron in Los Angeles with Kay Saatchi.  That is what I talked about with the journalist. No other reason to be interviewed..  Of course the journalist charmingly skimmed over old tales with the pretence to cover a story about an incident when a man tried to knife me beside the Royal Festival Hall.  There are many old mistakes that other journalists previously made but the title makes a new readership want to read it.  It pushed up my google count by 60,000 overnight.. What is the world coming too? When there is so much devastation, war and famine, people would rather read something with an obviously catching title and completely out of date?. Another interesting fact is that a friend tried to put a positive comment on the end of the article and was rejected.  The newspaper clearly prefers the negative responses.  Funny really, my Father was their foreign correspondent in the late 1950's early 60's.

Correcting a few facts:
My mother was actually the second daughter of  Sidney Gilliat and that information can be found on Wikipedia and almost any website about him.  I have never had lunch at the Ivy with any man, and those are only two of the mistakes, the rest are so ridiculous that I cannot be bothered to change them.

The journalist Angellina Johnson was totally delightful, in fact I will make a friend of hers, but mashing the previously printed pieces without first checking the facts, makes certain inaccuracies in them, definitely less interesting than the truth. Is this public relations? I shall see in due course. Did it open old wounds, it most definitely did?

I shall keep working  and believe neither the good or the bad. My apologies to those that it has hurt or embarrassed. The script is coming alive and at the moment the rehearsals are moving and well done by all concerned. Hope to see you there.

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Alice Platte said...

This is what Daily Mail didn't want to put on their comments so I will post it here:

"This is ridiculous... A wealthy British woman admitting that she made some mistakes and she is aware of it without wrapping it in shiny packages. Why don't you just get tar-and-feathers and judge people good old inquisition way based on prejudices, press constructions and own limits. It is MUCH better being a hypocrite. Love this woman, she has the guts to say what everybody else just thinks!"