Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Pera Museum lecture, Istancool for Istanbul

Turkey is a mysterious hammam where you see no walls.  It is difficult to fathom the other side.  I am  in the British Airways room at the airport and am thinking about what I learned.  It may take a few days to sink in.  I like to learn something new everyday.  I did have some things confirmed yesterday by Michael Stipe whose music I like.  He tries new things out.  I loved his idea of getting people he admired to make films of his words and music.  As Michael said so clearly, film is the most powerful medium in the 21st century so he used it to make 12 films by directors he admired.   Gorilla style he has nearly finished the project. The whole idea was that it should fit on You Tube.  It's certainly inspiring. He believes that most artists have more than one talent, so I am a happy girl, that others believe they can do more than one thing.

Sam Taylor Wood, looked radiant and more at ease than ever as she showed her lively portrayal of his music.  She said it was morning dancing that gave her the idea, and her boyfriend, Aaron Johnson is particularly good at it.  He has that appeal of the urban boy jumping over bikes, break dancing, wiping his nose on his hand, spitting, a tea shirt on his back and jeans, still managing to look very very attractive.  
Sam was so much fun as she talked, for the third time I saw what she is all about.  The piece we were told was called Berlin, I may be wrong, in any case it was filmed in the East End of London, and she just shot it with no permissions, as she felt, using  people going about their normal business and her man larking about.

Sophie Calle's was completely different, heaven knows what it was called? Anyway  she put together all her video footage from her iphone and it consisted of a horse peeing, a bee and a ballet dancer in an underground car park.  She had not used the medium before, and she was not interested in doing so. She also did not know Michael, but it had a lively feel to it.  Everybody asked about the horse of course.  I am more interested in the ballet dancer,  actually I am interested in the Bee, who walked backwards so well, flossing his wings, looking busy.
Another two films followed, one which was top secret, yet not, of Brando footage, kissing, putting on his hat, just looking, my goodness he was a looker. The other was made from his sisters architectural computer programme which was very boring and Michael and his sister jazzed it up.

The morning ended with questions from Courtney Love who
had flowers in her hair and looked suitably rock and roll.

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