Sunday, 22 May 2011

LET's FORGET EVIL, and help the trees

What is this new passion  for talking about Hitler.  I think its too much, for somebody who caused so much pain to so many, why is he continually mentioned and still of interest?.  He certainly had few attractive qualities.  I don't watch television but I can guarantee that there will be a documentary on the The Second World War almost every day of the week.
Last week Lars Von Trier was shamed for supporting this beast of a man and John Galliano lost his job whilst drunk, and was sadly easily provoked into racist remarks.  Why is it that we, as a human race wish to dig up and analyse people who are worthless.  The truth is it is a human condition to glorify evil, any one watching, or reading  about it is attributing to its popularity, even me writing about it.
Can we all stop talking about it and change the world by trying to do good instead of bad. Go and help the trees and old people.

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