Friday, 6 May 2011


I have been rushed off my feet since I arrived back in London.  It is sunny and my greatest friend from Australia turned up after thirty years, Michael Jones, looking as fantastic now as he did then.  I worked with him briefly at an Estate Agency in 1982 called Lurot Brand.  He was witty and clever.  The market was dreadful and we had to make our time interesting, so we set up a newspaper within the offices about the real  property market, and what the houses and flats actually looked like.  I was about to get married and so all I could think of was wedding dresses and starving in order to fit into my dress.  It was before all my dreams got shattered.  I led a gentle life then. No travelling and no rushing about.  He came through the door and like a true gentleman said "You haven't changed a bit, in fact you are more glamorous than ever".
That was lucky as I had received a rather rude message from a so called admirer on FACEBOOK who insisted that I have bingo wings and that I had been rude to him.  The problem is I don't have time to write long messages, in any case he was totally uninteresting to me.  He was a barrister of little import.  Ugly, greasy and out of shape, he thought I would be flattered and lucky that a man was paying me attention. With insults flying I have thought for the first time that it might be a good idea to close my account down.  It is a little childish.  
I do so love FACEBOOK, sharing ideas and music with people, but the downside is that people become familiar and disrespectful of your time and life.  It is easy to have misunderstandings on it.  I am also incredibly busy. It is a bit of light relief in the dark dull Winter months.
With my friend staying I am a bit tied up so to speak.

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