Saturday, 7 May 2011


The Kings Road today was busy with lots to do, and I was keen on walking everywhere. I enjoyed seeing the Chelsea Embankment. I decided to go to the Mess, at The Saatchi Gallery for lunch and had a clean salad of goats cheese and grilled vegetables, prettily presented.
There is nothing better than talking with friends on a sunny day.  I entered the exhibition called COLLECT, which looked enticing. It celebrated the contemporary arts and crafts movement in the Gallery, which was full of fun and exciting objects. I especially liked a typewriter made of porcelain by Katharine Morling. Some beautiful plates in contemporary designs,. Unusual jewellery, glass, china, wood, in fact wherever you looked there were people spawning innovative ideas.
Outside I was gasping with hunger as I looked at the most delicious cup cakes from "Peggy's Cupcakes"and Rosalind Miller Cakes.  They are truly edible works of art,  there was fudge in every colour. I had to leave quickly as I started another detox yesterday.
I made my to Coco de Mer and bought some scent called Molecule 01, it can drive people crazy, once I had this stalker who followed me everywhere saying I smelt totally delicious.

The detox, this time was by a British company called Radiance is delicious. Heaven knows if I will lose weight, but  feeling good is the aim.  It is a three day liquid fast with vitamins.  I will try to stick to it. It is very easy to stick to and reasonable.

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