Friday, 29 April 2011


Last night I went on Fox television to talk about The Royal Wedding and I am pleased to say that at least I got the designer right.  Now I have rested after staying up all night watching the celebrations I can calmly  think through everything that I  saw.
I watched as Catherine Middleton confidently walked up the aisle, incredibly  nervous of course, she was able to show that she could cope and hold everything together, as she said her very public vows, to her future husband, The Duke of Cambridge.  Her parents looked stylish and confident  when it must have been an emotional affair for them.  No tears of joy, but you could tell how happy they were for their daughter Catherine.  The Queen looked on, and a small smile showed at the end, and inside she must have been pleased and happy with her Grandson.  There was no scandal, no bad behaviour but on the contrary a young British couple in love, and wanting to marry for the good of the nation and themselves. After so many damaging incidents within the walls of Buckingham Palace, here was the sniff of fresh air on her door step.

This modern marriage  is going to improve the image of the Royal Family for the next thirty odd years.  It is the marriage The Family needed.  The Middleton's behaved with dignity and have brought up their children beautifully.  Who cares where they came from?.  They know how to be correct, they are clever and they look good. In an age, when the way people look is so important, and The Royals live under total scrutiny, The Middletons's are an asset that is attractive, and that is what matters for the Royal Family, if they are to last another century.
Of course I have heard comments such as "Why did we have a day off, Great Britain is bankrupt, we should be working?"  I agree with this, however before treatment it is fun to live with the memory of having some fun?.  I also heard "Why did they not have 200 people for dinner and the family for a quiet wedding, and give the rest of the money saved to charity"  I agree with that too, but England does these events so well.  Everybody benefits.  When you think about the whole day, the timing was spectacular.  The beauty of the choir, the soldiers,  the flowers, the dress, the guest lists, the placement, we do these incredibly high profile events so well.  The tourist industry that supports Great Britain wakes up, people make money and the wheels turn.  Everybody again benefits.  It is a public relations event.  It makes our very soul and soil special.
Should we expect Catherine to be style icon, that we admired so much with Diana? Will she have the beauty  of Grace Kelly?.  I think personally we should not be so cruel,  comparisons are boring.  Catherine likes fashion that is clear, and she looks sensible without taking risks stupidly.  Whether she wants to think only about that, I hope not.  It is important that she pays attention, but only because we are visual demons that are obsessed by what people look like.  Catherine has a beautiful figure with bountiful hair and  she looks terrific in almost anything.
As for a style queen I think we should let her settle and wait and see.  For me she is a success already.  In an environment of stiff rules and regulations she has stolen the hearts of Great Britain today and now let's wait for tomorrow.

To compare her with Grace Kelly, is a little cruel.   By the time Grace was married  she was a huge movie star and considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.  This is something Catherine, although very attractive, is not.  She is pretty, smiley and happy, give her a chance, let her grow and let us see?.

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